Wrapped In Plastic

by Blindness


Released in 2015 on Saint Marie Records


released March 24, 2017

All songs written and performed by Blindness.

Guitars: Debbie Smith
Vocals: Beth Rettig
Bass guitar: Kendra Frost*
Live Drums: Alex Lutes
Backing Vocals on Last One Dies: Kendra Frost
E-bow Guitar on All In One: Beth Rettig
Programmed drums and synths: Beth Rettig
*Except tracks 4 (Side One) and 3 (Side Two): Emma Quick

Blindness are Beth Rettig, Debbie Smith and Emma Quick

All songs mixed and mastered by Michael Warren, Cesar Restrepo and Blindness

Cover design by Brian Shanks and Darius Amini

Photos by Iona Dee

Blindness would like to thank:

Iona Dee, Goodsoul Promotions, Jim King, Alex Gettinby, Marc Waterman, Duncan Thornley, Big Ears Music And Design, Club AC30, Boxing Clever Records, Andy Von Pip, Adam Williams, Iain Phillips, Sheila Chipperfield, Graham Bonnar, Brian Shanks, Darius Amini, Spencer Kelly, all friends and family, all inspirations and influences.

Special thanks to:

Alex Lutes, Kendra Frost, Michael Warren and Cesar Restrepo

Broken is dedicated to John Olive.